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June 28 2017


Praying for the woman I’ll be in 5+yrs I hope she’s happy, and loved, living life unapologetically, doing what she loves.




i may be ugly and untalented


thats all


*raises glass* i want to make some toast

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I’m Luigi



i witnessed the most fascinating thing today imo…my 4th grade art class were talking while they did their work and one of them was like “if you work hard all your life…….it means NOTHING” and their response was to all crack up and start running with this bit like. “you work all your life on an oil painting. the mayor comes in. he says ‘i didn’t even ask you to do that painting.’” they kept going giving examples of nothing mattering and laughing hysterically. they’re 9. like, we think OUR humor is depressing or w/e, how are THEY going to be

Millennials are depressed but the Gen Z kids are straight up nihilists

June 27 2017

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I would rather live somewhere that is permanently cold than hot. I can always add layers, but I can only get so naked.

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“You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while”

June 26 2017


“that’s the spirit” i say as i gesture to the spirit that’s been haunting my home for years. when will they leave or start contributing to the household by doing something like helping with laundry. when will they pay rent

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fun studying tip: if you’re a procrastinator, play tom jones’s “what’s new pussycat” on repeat while writing your papers and do not turn it off until you are finished, it will motivate you to finish that essay as quickly as possible

make sure to throw one “it’s not unusual” in the middle while u take ur quick snack break

Here you have the Infinite Jukebox that will play an infinite version of What’s new pussycat, randomly jumping through the verses and never getting to the end. 

do you ever regret a post and the hell it creates

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The Ladies’ Home Journal, September 1948

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did you know?



for just $0.00 a day you can provide me with Attention

If you want to ignore me and deposit $500 into my paypal account that’s cool too.

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